Welcome to our resources page, where you’ll find music to practise to, vintage videos to inspire you,¬†and some galleries and historical background to swing music and dancing.

You’ll also find some links to other sites that will be useful as you learn to dance and venture into the social dancing world.

We don’t post class notes or copies of our syllabus here, but students are welcome to film material in class.

Swing Music

The best way to Carnegie Hall? Practise!
Here’s a¬†selection of our favourite music



Some iconic videos from the golden era –
essential viewing for swing dancers


Picture Galleries

Inspiration and references for the
history of jazz dance in America



A brief history of swing music and
dancing, from Harlem to Haggerston


Useful Links

Swing Out London – Comprehensive listings of social dance events in London – www.swingoutlondon.co.uk

Swing Planit – Comprehensive listings of dance camps and workshops around the world – www.swingplanit.com

Swing Dancers Of London – A Facebook group bringing together all events and schools in London – www.facebook.com/groups/2244903317/

More coming soon!