This page contains some music resources for those wishing to practise at home, or who are looking for ideas and references to begin collecting swing music. The selections below are tailored to specific needs and organised in tempo.

These playlists only scratch the surface – if you want more, there are individual playlists attached to the pages for each of our social dance events, to get you in the mood for social dancing. Just click the links for the event pages below.


Beginners Swing Music Mix

Here’s a selection of swing tracks for beginners and students of all levels to use for practice – similar in tempo to that used in class (120-140 bpm)

Midtempo Music Mix

For something a little faster, here are some swinging tracks similar in tempo to those played at a typical social dance aimed at Lindy Hoppers (140-170 bpm)


Monthly social dancing in the fabulous
Art Deco Hornsey Town Hall


(Ain’t) Misbehavin’

Our oldest and most mischievous
club night in Stoke Newington


Rags To Riches

A free night in the heart of Dalston
celebrating the roots and shoots of jazz


Student Resources

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