High Level Training – Autumn 1

Monday 23rd Sept – 28th Oct 2019 (6 weeks)


  • Where: Downstairs Hall, St Barnabas Church Hall, Shacklewell Row, Dalston, London E8 2EA.
  • When: Mondays, 7:15 – 9:15pm (6 weeks)
  • Cost: £90
  • Teachers: Ed Watson & Frances King
  • Contact: call Ed on 07876024356 or email: Edward.watson8@gmail.com
  • Booking: email Ed to reserve your spot.

What is this?

We run a series of short training blocks (5 or 6 weeks) which aim to develop your dancing to an advanced level. Each session will start with some Solo Jazz work which normally takes around 30 minutes. We then move into an hour of teacher-led structured training, followed by at least half an hour of practising, drilling and social dancing to embed that learning into your dancing.

During this course we’ll be playing with rhythms within our dancing. Changing our basic footwork patterns and experimenting with how they can influence our basic shapes. We’ll also test our understanding by looking at the difference between swung and flat rhythms within variations.

But why?

The thing is, if you’re regularly taking Advanced Level lessons then you’ve probably made some decisions about the style and direction you’d like your dancing to take. These sessions will hopefully feel much more like a coaching session and rely on participants taking charge of their development. There’s more participant led content and opportunities to workshop ideas with support from the teachers.


As mentioned before, we will always start each week with some Solo-Jazz. We’ll then provide a structure and an “inspiration” for the session and as a group we will workshop/drill/experiment with that content finding the right way to incorporate it into our dancing. We build on the strengths of individuals and also learn how to develop our dancing independently. You will still learn new content but hopefully in a way that is more likely to come out on the social dance floor. Plus you’ll be training with a group of people who you’ll hopefully see at a lot of social dances so are more likely to be able to bust out your new skills.

The Level

These sessions are intended for experienced dancers who maybe feel that their development has stagnated or perhaps feel they’ve been to a lot of lessons and would like a new challenge. You should have danced for a number of years, attended international camps and be confident mixing up rhythms and styles. Swingouts should be second nature and you should be confident  mixing your Charleston, 6-count and 8-count rhythms. You regularly social dance. The sessions will include self-directed work so you should be collecting youtube clips, ideas and targets for yourself. Of course, in the first couple of sessions we will help you know where to start so you have clear targets for your dancing.

How To Book

To avoid additional fees for you, we will continue with our DIY booking system. Just email edward.watson8@gmail.com to express your interest in joining the course. You will then receive payment instructions and once you have then paid your place will be guaranteed.

If you are unsure whether these levels are right for you, just contact the lovely Ed on 07876 024356 / edward.watson8@gmail.com

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